Hot Dog Skeletons

Hot Dog Skeletons is reminiscent of that particular 90’s sound of southern border state bands singing
garage tunes of Tijuana chicas. The underlying issues though are that their songs have nothing to do
with Mexico and definitely don’t suck. The songs all have those dirty southern vocals that make it ok to
have bourbon with your Froot Loops when you wake up at the crack of 1:30 in the afternoon and kind
of give you the euphoria that even though you’re a hipster from the burbs you should probably have a
six shooter on your hip just in case you find yourself in such a situation as one would be needed. Long
story short, when seeing these guys on stage make sure to have your undergarments securely attached
to your genitals so that you don’t feel the need to throw them at the band.

Check them out here.


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