May 7th @ Crosstown Station

Now we all know you’ll be a little strung out from Friday night’s aural assault but fear not. Everyone knows the best way to beat a hangover is by drinking it off and we will be offering you the musical equivalent starting at 3:15 in the afternoon. If you party until 6 and wake up at 1 on Saturday that’s a solid 7 hours! Problem solved!

Doors at 2:30 PM

3:15 PM – Various Blonde
4:00 PM – Appropriate Grammar
4:45 PM – Dead Ven
5:30 PM – Smash the State
6:15 PM – Hot Dog Skeletons
7:00 PM – Honky Suckle
7:45 PM – The Passtimes
8:30 PM – Mr. History
9:15 PM – Sink the Bismark
10:00 PM – Roberta Sparrow
10:45 PM – The Disappeared
11:30 PM – Sons of Great Dane
12:15 AM – Dream Wolf
1:00 AM – The Gusto
1:45 AM – Bent Left

DJ Powerhouse will be upstairs starting at 7PM.


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